100 Days of Weight Loss Review

For many reasons, people usually struggle to lose weight. It’s hard to motivate yourself, and even harder to stick to the diet once you have begun. However, ‘100 Days of Weight Loss’ is here to help you along the way. The app works really well, with a range of content that is easy to follow and to make sure you reach your goal.

First, the content is really good. Split up into small ‘bitesized’ chunks, with a section of content to read each day. This is very motivating, as it reminds you what you are trying to achieve, and will remind you that you are doing the right thing. There are also a variety of tasks that you can complete each day. These are easy to complete, and start simple and then get harder as the process carries on. The good thing is that the app doesn’t tell you exactly what is wrong, but also encourages you to find out the underlying problems behind the weight loss, and how to tackle them. The ideas are simple, yet effective, and the author isn’t condescending as seen in other weight loss programs. However, the app only guides you along the way, and you will still need to add lots of content, such as a food and exercise plan in order to lose the weight. The amount of motivation that the app provides makes it more than worth it though, as it will keep you going and you won’t want to quit. Everything is easy to understand. With 100 days of content, this app is great value for money, but it’s even better when you consider that you can keep on reading through the book again and again in order to boost your motivation towards dieting, and the content won’t become boring.

The UI in the app works really well, and is simple to navigate to exactly what you want. Everything is easy to access, as you can navigate to the required content within seconds, with everything located on the index page. All of the text is easy to read, and it is easy to scroll through the information on each day. However, on the content pages there is a big logo that takes up a lot of space. This doesn’t serve a purpose, as you already know which app you are in, so it would be better to use the space to display more text, to save people constantly having to scroll down to read everything. The ability to mark the day as ‘completed’ is really good, as it can track your progress.

The app icon and images inside the app are also low resolution, and not optimised for the retina display, which means it looks bad on the newest Apple devices. Ideally, this could be updated.

The app has room for improvement. This includes adding things like a progress tracker, to track how far you are along the route to success with a page of statistics, such as 50% complete for 50 days marked as ‘complete’. The app could also add a tracker so that you could track how much weight you had lost at the end of each week, to see how each of the challenges had helped you. Finally, the app could also include the ability to set your own challenges, such as ‘Lose 5lbs by Day 10’ or to add tasks, such as ‘Complete Meal Plan on Day 15’.

Overall, this app is really good. It gives you the required motivation to succeed when dieting, and works perfectly. There are a few features that could be added, but the app is simple and easy to use, but most importantly, effective.

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