115-in-1 Math Solver Review

115-in-1 Math Solver is the ultimate mathematics calculator, covering all the topics you would need, from Algebra to Statistics. It’s easy to use and is a quick way to get the answer but it doesn’t give step by step instructions, or help you to reach the right answer.

First, the app looks great, with brilliant graphics. The bright, bold colours stand out, and the images look sharp and clear. The app’s UI is simple to use, with the main categories leading to sub categories. After that, you can click on the calculator you want, which means that you can reach it in minimal fuss, essential if you need help finding an answer.

The app has everything you would need for mathematics, whether you are a student or just a mathematics ‘fan’. The subjects covered include the basics, such as Algebra, and more advanced subjects such as Matrices.

This is very easy to use, as you just punch in the numbers that the question asks for, and within seconds, you receive an answer. However, it doesn’t give you the step by step instructions on how to complete the question, which means that if you don’t know how to solve a problem, the app won’t help. It is still useful for checking an answer though.

Overall, the app is great, with a huge library of equations to help answer a question, but it doesn’t help you answer the question with step by step instructions. However, it’s still worth a purchase for any maths student, or maths ‘fan’.

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