American Presidents

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It’s always interesting to learn about the American Presidents, and the history of American politics, and this app provides a fantastic way to do it. It’s filled with content, from the Constitution to concise biographies of each President, covering a lot more than just Presidents. From the description it seems to be the perfect app, and it delivers.

This app really excels in the content that it offers, as it really is packed with everything you could ever imagine.  In terms of subject matter, it’s got information on everything from maps of the United States at different point in times, to useful biographies covering the Presidents. It’s also packed full of wonderful quizzes, pictures and major speeches by Presidents. For anything to do with American Presidents, this is the only source that you will ever need. At the same time, everything is up-to-date so you can be sure that it is useful.

The unique design certainly stands out from the crowd, but it’s also fantastic. Everything looks great, with every icon, character or map created beautifully. The attention to detail really is good, and it makes it a pleasure to use, which is fantastic for students who are used to reading boring textbooks. This is a perfect example of how iPad’s can be used in education. I found the app extremely easy to use. From navigating the app so that you can find exactly what you want, to using the app itself, it takes no time at all while being incredibly simple. It’s a joy to use and in this regard it’s as good as it gets.

The price might be quite expensive compared to what we’re used to now with apps, but with the amazing attention to detail and the wealth of content on offer, it’s worth it. Since it combines the function of various other apps into one, it’s also very good value for money. It’s worth a purchase for anybody looking for an app of this nature.

If there was one improvement to be made, it would be the addition of more quizzes, possibly ones that were more detailed. Instead of covering wide periods of time, it would be nice if the quizzes covered people, speeches or events. This isn’t needed, but it would surely make the app much more useful to students who needed to check their understanding.

While this has the potential to meet the needs of a lot of people, it really suits students. From learning the learning the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence or the timeline of Presidents, this is certainly the best way to do it. This is because it’s not confusing and the presentation just makes it fun, and something that you want to read rather than having to go through notes or a textbook over and over again.

Overall, this app is wonderful. It’s an amazing information source, with everything you are ever going to need.  With everything in place, you couldn’t ask for more. It really is the perfect solution and blows similar apps out of the water.

Rating: 5/5


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