Bus Driver for Mac

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Bus Driver is a simple simulation game, as you have to take on the job of a bus driver, following different routes and scenarios. Very similar to old-style PC games, for the most part, it’s fun to play while offering something different to the usual driving games.

The gameplay is simple, yet very addicting. I wasn’t able to put the game down, constantly addicted to it. I didn’t think that I would get addicted, as I’ve never been interested in driving a bus, but playing the game is both relaxing and fulfilling. It’s a great challenge trying to follow all of the regulations, and once you manage it, it’s extremely satisfying. There are enough levels to keep you occupied, and you will want to keep on returning to the game in order to get a higher score on each of the levels. This gives it almost an infinite amount of gameplay, as it doesn’t get boring. As far as variety is concerned, it’s got plenty. Each level is different, as you have to drive in the snow, the rain and in lots of different types of buses.

While the graphics aren’t the best, they are certainly up to scratch. The game looks good, with fantastic textures on the buses and great scenery. Everything from the stations, to the airport or the city is fabulously recreated. For the most part, this doesn’t matter though, as you’ll have to concentrate on the driving to even notice.

In the game there are little bugs, which means that it runs smoothly, and you won’t get frustrated. I did find one bug, where I became attached to a car and couldn’t move, but it’s got far less bugs than most games. In fact, you’ll be able to drive around for hours without finding any.

At first, I found it a little difficult. I was constantly getting penalties, I couldn’t get to the stations on time and I was always getting stuck. It would be nice if the game offered options to tone down the penalties. However, after a few routes, I was improving and I’m now much better. With the different tiers, each one getting more difficult, it’s a great way to introduce you to the game and get better.

I also find the price to be quite high. When it’s on sale, it’s very good value, but I don’t think it’s worth the full price that is usually is. This is essentially because while it’s fun to play, it’s not something that most people are looking for. When it drops in price however, it drops into the territory where’s it’s really cheap and worth buying just to experience the life of a bus driver.

Overall, while this might not be the most advanced games, it’s still incredibly fun to play. The game’s got great gameplay, graphics and plenty of variety to keep anyone occupied. It might not be worth picking up at full price, but certainly worth picking up if it’s on sale.

Rating: 4/5

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bus-driver/id442373698

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