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With the explosion of drawing and note taking apps that are now available on the iPad, styluses have been becoming increasingly popular. However, the market is currently crowded, with a lot of different options available. It’s difficult to separate everything, but one of the more unique options available is the Cosmonaut, by Studio Neat. The Cosmonaut was financed through Kickstarter, with the stylus becoming a runaway success, reaching funding quickly. Since then, the Cosmonaut has gone from strength to strength, now available directly on Studio Neat’s website.

Most styluses are quite thin, just like pens, but this is different, looking and feeling more like a marker pen. This makes it easy to use and works really well. One of the best things however is the design. It looks professional, and it looks like the creators have spent a lot of time on all of the details, from the fantastic packaging right to the aluminium or wooden core. The stylus is certainly a lot better than other products and looks and feels and lot more expensive than it actually costs. It’s also very comfortable to use and doesn’t become difficult to use even with its bigger size.

The stylus is extremely accurate and this has lent itself perfectly to iPad apps. It works perfectly with note taking apps, such as Penultimate and it’s also a fantastic option if you like to use art apps, such as Sketchbook Pro. Yet, with the popularity of Draw Something, I have found that this is one of the best apps to use the stylus with. It helps to create some great drawings and makes the app great fun.

Many styluses are quite high priced, which makes it a difficult decision. It’s not something that is essential, so I wouldn’t want to pay a fortune for one. I’d much rather spend money on apps, improving the iPad experience. However, as the Cosmonaut is available at $25, it’s the perfect option. It’s not expensive, yet at the same time, it’s a high quality product. It’s certainly fantastic value for money and something that I would recommend every iPad owner to purchase. It’s currently one of the best products available and to get something like this at $25 it’s a steal.

For the most part, I think that the Cosmonaut is amongst one the best options that are currently available. However, there are a few things that I find slightly annoying. This is mainly due to the rubber coating, which makes it difficult to slide out of a pocket if you’re in a rush, while at the same time you will get fluff or other things sticking to it, but slightly ruining the design. Despite this, it’s still brilliant and it’s certainly got less negatives than the other styluses that are available and for the price you can certainly forgive these.

Overall, the Cosmonaut is something that has been designed well and as a result is one of the best styluses that is currently available. It works well, and is fantastic to use with note taking or art apps. At the same time, it won’t break the bank, as it’s very well priced making it extremely good value for money. It’s one of the only things that I have used that I’ve wanted to keep and use again, so I’d certainly recommend it.

Rating: 5/5


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