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Ever since humans have been able to write they have been writing down their daily thoughts in a dairy, traditionally in a journal. However, with the introduction of computers and smartphones, it’s time that this moved digital. Social networking sites are around for when you want to post something public, but you’ll have to turn to an app when you want to keep things private. Day One is an app that does just that, with both a Mac and a Universal version.

Day One is a great example of an app that has all of the features that are needed while still being streamlined. You can just jump straight into the app to create that days entry, while you’ve also got all of the options available if needed. The app is clearly focused on the user, with the developer including all of the things that you could ever need on each platform. On the iOS version, you’ve got a password lock, starring favoured articles, reminders as well as being able to send a Tweet from the app. In the Mac version, it’s got most of that, with fantastic Lion support including Full Screen, Printing and Auto Save. Each version has got everything that most people will need.

Just like Apple apps, Day One is easy to use on all platforms. It just takes a few seconds to get to write, and there are a number of functions on all platforms that make this easy. Browsing previous entries is also incredibly easy. On iPhone, you’ve got the ability to remove all of the UI, just leaving the text and the keyboard, making it easy to write by removing all of the distractions. On Mac, you’ve got a brilliant selection of quotes that inspire and get you thinking. At the same time, you’ve got the same brilliant UI that is seen on the iPad, with all of the controls that you would need while everything looks great and is simple. Each platform looks similar, with the same design, but there is differences to suit each platform which makes each app a joy to use. It doesn’t look out of place next to Apple’s stock apps while still using it’s own ideas and twists.

With the app having different versions on different platforms, it’s important to have syncing between the two. Many developers just offer this via WiFi, but the developers of Day One have gone one step further, implementing iCloud and Dropbox. Not many apps have iCloud support, so it’s nice to see it added to this app. iCloud works perfectly, with changes on each of the platforms appearing on the others quickly and without a fuss. It’s nice to see this happen in the background without having to keep on saving everything each time. I haven’t tried Dropbox, but I can imagine that it works just as well.

Many apps get neglected, but not this one. Time and time again Bloom Built, the developer, has added more features. Support for apps is crucial, as this means that they are always going to receive the newest features. Without it, you won’t get support new features, such as Retina Display on a future iPad. Things such as iCloud, AutoSave and Printing have all come in an update, which shows that the developer is always willing to improve the app. This is significant, because each time something is added, the list of negatives, which is already small, will just get even shorter. Bloom Built are promising to add photos and encryption, which shows that not only are you buying a great app, but you’re also making an investment.

The price is extremely competitive, with the Universal app fantastic value for money since you’re getting both the iPad and iPhone version in the same purchase. This is much better than similar apps which require you to buy both separately and yet still cost more. At the same time, the app is also much better than the competitors, so there really is no reason not to choose this. As for the Mac version, on a platform where we’re used to seeing high prices, this stands out from the crowd. It’s reasonably priced, and importantly, is has much more features than the competition. The fact that the app is also on both iOS and Mac is also a big bonus, as not many apps offer this feature. It alone is a major reason to purchase this instead of something else.

Overall, this is a fantastic set of apps that does exactly what is says it does really well. If you’re looking for a journal app, definitely pick this one as it’s much better than the rest, especially with the cross platform support. Day One was recently featured by Apple as ‘New and Noteworthy’ in the iTunes App Store and in prominent positions in the Mac App Store, and for good reason. It’s a superb app, that should be everyone’s first choice.

Rating: 5/5



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