Democracy 2

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I love politics, so I jumped at the chance to try Democracy 2 on Mac. Currently, in economic downturn and government cuts, everybody believes that they can do better than governments from around the world. Maybe they might cut other spending or they might have a special idea that could help to make everything better. Democracy 2 might not let you fulfil that wish, but it’s the closest most people will ever come, allowing you to tackle issues such as crime, unemployment, terrorism and debt.

The game has a lot of things that you could wish for, with policies covering almost every area. There is also lots of options available so that you can change the game to your wishes, with different scenarios on offer so that you can see what it’s like to run a rich or poor country. There are also advanced options available, such as the ability to change the amount of “patriots” in your country, but I think these could be expanded upon. With various difficulty levels, it can keep anybody entertained.

At first, the game might take a bit of time to get used to. The tutorial works well, but with the huge amount of options and customisation available, it will take you a few turns to really get used to how everything works. This is good, as it means that the game is packed full of detail, which is a bit part of politics, as you have to juggle everything in order to keep everyone happy. At the same time, the game is still simple to play, so that anybody will be up and running in no time. Since I’m used to my MacBook Pro, I do wish the game supported the tap to click feature that is seen on modern trackpads, as I found this one of the hardest things to get used to.

The price is quite good for a Mac Store App. It’s not too highly priced, and as it’s the type of game that you will probably become addicted too, it’s got the potential to become great value for money. I would say it’s fairly priced. It’s not as fully packed as other games, which is reflected in the price point. I would say it’s worth picking up at this price, and a steal if there is ever a sale.

While Democracy 2 isn’t bad, there are a few things that I wish to be added. I think that it would be great if we could have the option to change a few more settings, such as the ability to change the amount of debt you start with. This would create an additional challenge, or if you just prefer to have the ability to implement lots of costly policies, you could set a big surplus. I also think the game can be more refined. For example, when a minister was involved in a scandal, it didn’t tell me which minister it was. I didn’t experience many bugs, but I did get a really annoying one; my popularity was really high, at 95%, yet I had no party members, with the opposition party also having very little. In the future, I really hope the game comes to iPad, as I think it would work fantastically with a touch screen, and it would be a unique addition to the platform.

Overall, Democracy 2 is a fun game to play. It might not be perfect, and the idea could probably be expanded upon. However, it’s a great start and with more detail and more features, Democracy 3 has the ability to be a fantastic game, and I can’t wait to see it on the iPad.

Rating: 4/5


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