Designing Obama

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The Obama Presidential Campaign was like no other. He used art and design to create an inspiring campaign that led him all the way to the White House, using media as never seen before. Scott Thomas, the Design Director of the Obama Campaign has since collaborated with other artists and designers involved in the campaign to create a book detailing the work that went into it. This was then funded using Kickstarter, which successfully funded a book version. Since then, an iPad version has been released, containing all of the content contained in the original book, with high resolution imagery that allows you to zoom in. It is available in the App Store.

For a book, it’s important that the content is spot on, and fortunately, this book is just right. It’s very interesting, and I didn’t want to put it down. The app has got enough content that will provide you with hours of reading, with the fascinating content providing something that can be read over and over again. Each time you will find something new, and it’s just brilliant to look at the art. The app is incredibly easy to use, with simple controls that means anybody will be able to use it. It’s very simple, almost like a PDF viewer, which although might not be the best thing, it does mean that the content takes pride of place. it’s great how you can zoom in to take full advantage of the high quality pictures provided.

With the development of the App Store, we’ve all used to cheap apps, that usually cost less than a $1. However, it’s important to maintain high quality, and it’s worth paying extra for in certain circumstances. Designing Obama is one of them, priced at $4.99, as it’s a high quality app and includes plenty of content. You can get fantastic value for money out of this app and that’s the main thing that counts. This is especially the case once you consider that the book costs $79, a lot more than the iPad app, meaning that you cannot go wrong. Even considering that this is not much more than a PDF viewer, it’s still worth it.

You can’t fault the content, so most of the negatives stem from the fact that this is not much more than a PDF viewer, and as a result, doesn’t use the iPad to its full potential. This makes the app experience quite as good as it could be, especially in regards to navigation. It would be amazing to see the app rebuilt, as either a new app, or as a new iBook, taking advantage of the new tools in iBooks Author. Videos and other content could also be added to make the experience even better. This would turn something good into something truly spectacular.

Overall, this is an amazing app that is definitely worth downloading if you are interested in politics or art and design. The content is very interesting, and although the app could be much better, getting a book that costs $79 for only $4.99 is a great deal, and at this price, there is nothing to complain about.

Rating: 4/5



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