iPhone Bumper Review

There is much debate to whether the Apple Bumper has been designed to provide protection, or to help reduce the signal problems of the iPhone 4, by covering the antenna. Either way, it does it’s job, both protecting from scratches and drops. Available for free, it’s a great product, but the coloured versions become discoloured, and the Bumper does add a bit of ‘bulk’.

First, the packaging is really simple, and provides a good view of the product and the colour. It even includes a diagram on how to fit the product, in case anybody would ever forget!

The Bumper is made out of both rubber and plastic, with the plastic providing the solid shape of the Bumper, and the rubber surrounding it. The rubber provides shock absorption and the plastic helps to keep the product sturdy. The design is very elegant, and unlike other cases, the iPhone 4 still looks both modern and beautiful afterwards. The metal buttons on the phone are also covered by metal buttons on the Bumper, which have a nice click. The build quality is really good, and it feels like the product will last. This is apparent with great engineering which sees all of the buttons and holes line up perfectly, unlike other cases.

There is a range of colours available, with a sleek modern Black, Orange, Blue, White, Pink and Green. The black works really well, as it is really robust and after use, you can hardly tell. However, the orange Bumper becomes discoloured after uses, as the phone is pulled out of pockets and other things. After only 1 month of use, it isn’t really the best option, and not worth the money.

The Bumper only covers the sides of the product, leaving the front and back open. I like this, as it keeps the beautiful looks of the phone, but it does leave the glass prone to scratching. This means that you might be wise to spend money on a ZAGG Invisible Shield. However, it does lift the phone off the ground, so it doesn’t scratch the back while it is resting.

The signal problems are reduced by the Bumper, as it stops your hand completely covering the antenna. However, it will still drop a few bars, as you are still covering it with your hand. The effects are greatly reduced though, as it only drops 1 bar, instead of 2/3.

Finally, the Bumper does have a few problems. First, the mute switch is hard to access, so you have to use a fingernail to switch it. Also, the holes, such as the Dock Connector, and the Headphone port only fit Apple products, which means that most 3rd party products, such as chargers won’t work.

The Bumper usually sells for £25, but you can get the Black version for free through the Apple Case Program.

Overall, a great product that offers both drop protection and helps reduce the affect of covering the iPhone antenna. However, it is quite costly, and the colours can become discoloured.

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