iStudiez Pro for Mac

iPhone’s, iPad’s and Macs are becoming increasing popular in the student world, and this app has been built to cater for that audience. Offering the ability to keep track of your schedule, homework and grades, iStudiez Pro for Mac has everything that a student could ever ask for, along with small little features that really make it stand out from the crowd. The app can be used standalone, or can compliment the iPhone or iPad apps.

It’s important that an app has the features that make it useful for it’s purpose, and this app definitely ticks that box. The app has 3 main sections, overview, assignments and planner. Each one is done beautifully, doing exactly what they should. First, is overview, which contains information about the upcoming day or week in real-time, with your schedule or assignments in a nice little summary.  Next, is the assignments tab, which contains all of the upcoming work that needs to be completed. You can click on each piece for detailed information including a description or priority. Finally, there is planner, which contains in-depth information on everything, with all of your data in one place.  From here, you can access everything in a subject view, so for example, you can see all of the exams, lessons or study groups that you have for History.

Every part of the app has been done really well.  The UI is clean, making it easy to use, which saves a lot time as you’re not having to search through the app to find what you want. Everything including the icons look beautiful and share the same design ideas as the Mac, making it a perfect fit. OSX Lion is also well supported, with the addition of Resume or Full Screen. While the big features are perfect, it’s really the same details that make it so good.  Whatever you are looking for, it’s most likely got it, such as the ability for holidays to delay lessons or weeks. With things like this, it means that the app is usable and doesn’t become a hassle to use.

Most Mac App Store apps tend to be focussed towards the United States, but this still manages to include everything used in the rest of the world. This is in part due to the huge variety of customisation that can be done, including the type of notifications used, class duration or weekdays. Of course, it also includes localisation to lots of different languages.

However, the best thing about this app is the dedication of the developers.  Time and time again they have shown that they are wiling to add new features and are constantly improving the app.  Since the release of the app, lots of new features have been added, such as OSX Lion support and automatic saving of data, along with various bug fixes.  This means that not only are you making a purchase, but you are instead making an investment.  If something that you want isn’t there now, like iCloud, it’s likely that it will be there in the future.

On the negative side, if there was one thing that could be improved about this app it is the syncing.  While it does work, it requires a separate login, which can be rather annoying. It’s nice that everything is done in the background, but it would be lovely if iCloud support is added, as it is the future of the Apple ecosystem.

Overall, this is simply a fantastic app.  It’s got everything you could ever ask for, while being simply a joy to use. The only negative is the omission of iCloud, but for the time being the current syncing solution is more than adequate and iCloud is probably being planned.  There might be lots of different apps offering the same functions in the Mac App Store, but this is certainly the best of them all.

Rating: 5/5


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