Math Pro Review

Math Pro is an excellent tool for any math student, with a combination of fantastic formulas and calculators to help you tackle anything. It’s easy to use and has a huge variety of features. As an added bonus, with the latest update the developer has added the only possible omission, search, making everything even easier to find and lots of new content.

With everything covered, this app is the only math app you could ever need. It contains formulas and calculators for algebra, geometry, probability, statistics, calculus and trigonometry. When you need some help, there are two features that really stand out. First, there is a huge variety of explanations and charts that can help you solve the problems by yourself. This is very useful in the higher levels of math, with the information clearly laid out and easy to follow. New content is being added regularly, with the developer adding inverse functions, and even more solvers and tutorials. It’s rare to find something missing, but with the developer consistently adding more, it will be added over time.

The second useful feature is the ability to use the inbuilt formula calculators to help you find the answer. Again, this is really simple, as you plug in the required numbers and instantly, the answer is shown. This can be used to find the answer, or check it if you want to use the explanations and formulas to work the answer out for yourself. Either way, it is a brilliant tool, and great value for money. In some cases, this is both quicker and easier than a calculator, as there is only one step involved, and not multiple stages.

With the latest update, search was added. This means that you can now find what you are looking for, even if you don’t know the category it belongs in. The search is positioned on almost every page, making it easy to find. It’s easy to use, and very intelligent. Where you click on the search button, a bar appears when you can type in your keywords. As you type, the results appear, which means that you don’t have to be completely accurate when searching. The results appear quickly, and are very accurate.

Everything is divided up into the different categories, making it easy to find. Navigating through it is quick and simple. The app looks beautiful on the iPhone 4, as the developer has updated the app to take advantage of the Retina Display. This makes it a good investment as the developer has shown that he is willing to update and improve the app, which is rare on the App Store. With the addition of search, it is even easier to find what you want as you no longer need to search through all of the categories individually to find what you want, as you can just place the equation or keyword into the search box.

Overall, Math Pro is a brilliant app, which can help you find the answer, or guide you along the way to help you find it yourself. It’s both great value for money and simple to use, as it will offer priceless help covering everything you could possibly need.

SCORE: 5/5

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