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A long time ago people used to have to manage finances using paper and collect everything in a big folder. Then we had spreadsheets, that would make everything a bit easier, but still lack a lot of things needed for management and were quite difficult to use. Now, we have a lots of different apps dedicated to doing the same job, helping to manage all areas of saving and spending. Moneywell is one of them, with a version for the Mac and another available for the iPhone.

Moneywell has plenty of features, ranging from the simple to the more advanced, as it works great to just manage daily spending and income or using it to plan ahead. You’ve got direct access to banking, transaction reports, searching and a whole lot more. If there is something you want, this app has probably got it. The developer has also got great customer support available if you have any problems.

In my experience of using the software, they are are both easy enough to use that anybody, even if they aren’t that comfortable using a computer or iOS device will be able to use them. Not only will you be able to use the basic features, but the apps are also designed well enough that anybody will be able to use the more advanced features after just a few hours. You can do what you want easily, so it’s definitely much better than managing everything in spreadsheets, which is good because I’ve found some apps can actually make it more confusing.

Each version works nicely, with the features that you would expect on each. I found that the iPhone is fantastic to just browse through the data and just to read the data. It’s perfectly formulated to the iPhone, as it’s clear that the developer has spent the time to make sure that it works well. It’s also got the features to make changes, and is powerful enough to work separately if needed. The Mac version is also great, with extensive features and able to quickly manage the information and make changes in just a few clicks.

Both apps are quite well priced. The iPhone version, at $9.99, is certainly more than we are used to paying for iPhone apps, but it works really well, and for something that you will using on an ongoing basis, maybe even each day, it’s worth spending that little bit extra for something that has all of the features you need. The Mac version is priced well compared to similar apps, and it gets even better when you consider that this is a great app. Both are worth purchasing.

The developer is really good, constantly releasing new updates to the app and improving them. Bug fixes have been released, along with new features. This is crucial because it means that the purchase is also an investment, as you can spend and know that the app will evolve and improve over time. You’ll also get support for the latest features, such as the upcoming things in Mountain Lion and iOS6. This is another reason why the price, which you might think is quite high at first, is actually good value for money.

While the apps work really well separately, I’d like the developers to work more on the syncing side. It does have Dropbox support, but I don’t want to have to install another app, or have an another account. For this reason, I think that iCloud, or the developers own solution would be good. Or, at the very least, a WiFi sync, where you can sync to devices on the same WiFi network. In addition, I’d love it if there was an iPad version. Many similar apps have an iPad versions, and I think the iPad is a brilliant device for both looking at the data and small edits.

Overall, both apps work really well, they are packed full of features. They might be a bit more expensive than most people are used to paying, but they are worth the money for the high quality software that you are buying. I’d like to see iCloud support and an iPad version, but since they are just wishes, with a form of syncing already available, it’s not crucial.

Rating: 5/5



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