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Many companies have tried to produce finance software for the Mac, but most of them have been basic, or seem like they have been designed for the Windows platform and just ported over. This means that they don’t work really well, or simply aren’t nice to use. That’s why it was really exciting when Moneywiz for Mac was being released, following successful iOS versions that have been out for awhile. In this review, I will explore Moneywiz as a package.

There are a lot of features that a finance app needs to have. Things like the ability to have different accounts, expenses, income, bulk edit, search, multi-currency, budgets and bills are all included in Moneywiz, meaning that it’s suitable for use for most people. At the same time, it’s also got lots of other features that make it nice to use, such as support for Lion fullscreen or the really nice, varied reports that the apps offer.

I found each version a joy to use. Each version has all of the features that are needed, and are uniquely tailored to each platform. iPhone was designed well so that it was quick to use, with the other versions being a bit more powerful in the way that you can make changes quickly and easily. This means that each one works well, and you won’t be frustrated, with all of them being easy to use. It’s nice to see a powerful software package that doesn’t require a big manual and can still work effectively.

Sync between all of the platforms was really good. I would usually make most of my changes on the Mac, and then viewing them on the iPad or iPhone, and they would all show perfectly. At times, I would also make small edits on my iPad, and again, the changes were all synced to the other platforms. It’s also automatic, which is brilliant, and I found it to be solid throughout, with no problems at all. All of the apps also work individually, so you don’t have to use them together.

A lot of similar apps are usually quite expensive for App Store standards, but I found these incredible value for money. For the amount of features you get, each version is well priced and considering that you will be using these apps everyday, they will get even better value for money everyday. It can usually be the case that Mac apps are very expensive, but Moneywiz is relatively inexpensive for Mac apps, making this app package seem an even better buy. At this price, I’d say it’s perfect for both advanced and users who are just beginning to manage their finances in an app.

While all of the apps are already quite solid, especially the Mac app since it was only recently been released, there are a few things that could be improved upon. Mainly, this is the reports. Although the apps provide nice reports, I would like them to be a bit more professional, maybe with more figures rather than charts, making them more suitable for giving to an accountant. It would also be nice if these could be exported to a PDF or printed. A lot of other apps also offer investments,  which is a big part of finances, but Moneywiz doesn’t currently support them. Even a basic investment feature would be nice. However, the biggest thing I would like to see is reoccurring transactions, so that you can add things like Netflix or Lovefilm subscriptions, or other things like that.

The developers of Moneywiz have proven time and time again that they are a fantastic software company. Not only have they improved the existing apps, but they have also expanded based on customer feedback, to bring out the Mac version recently. This means that you can buy these apps knowing that they will just get better, certain to get all of the latest features like Retina support for the new iPad, which was recently added. You’re not just buying a product, you’re buying an investment that will evolve over time. On the website they mention possible plans for a Windows or web version. The web version especially would be fantastic, and certainly set the app further out from the competition.

Overall, this is a fantastic set of apps, with each version packed full of features and perfectly tailored to each platform. It’s already great, but they’ve also got potential to grow even more. Featured by Apple, Moneywiz is just like how you would create a finance app if you could. I’d recommend it to anybody.

Rating: 5/5




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