OmniGraffle for iPad

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OmniGraffle is an app to help you “organise thoughts visually, document them beautifully and communicate your ideas to the world” according to the developers, The Omni Group. Many note taking or mind map apps available in the App Store provide a similar solution to problems, meaning that there is fierce competition. The Omni Group usually produce fantastic apps, but with growing competition, how does OmniGraffle match up to the rest?

This is another app packed full of features, with almost everything you can imagine. You can create shapes via freehand; use a variety of built-in stencils, with something for almost every situation; diagramming tools and lots of different styling options available for use.  With the ability to have multiple different documents at the same time, it’s also great to use. With everything on offer, you’re bound to find something to suit the situation, and then export it in different formats for use elsewhere.

Even with all of these features, the app is still incredibly easy to use. This is mostly because it has been well designed, with the user in mind, as everything is exactly as you would expect to find it. As a result, it doesn’t take long to get to now the app, as you’ll be able to do some pretty advanced stuff and make some amazing things quickly and easily. However, even if you can’t, there is plenty of tutorials available on the internet as well as help inside the app. Despite the professional features, this is something that anybody can use.

As with other Omni Group apps, it is quite highly priced for App Store standards, more like a fully featured Mac app or something similar. While this may put a lot of people off, it shouldn’t, as with the high quality features that are on offer, this is a still an incredible buy that is great value for money. It might also cost more than other apps, but if you are going to be using this app regularly, it’s still worth purchasing this, simply due to the additional tools on offer, as well as the more high quality offering, as seen by the constant stream of updates.

The app is almost perfect, as it has almost everything you could need. Anything that could be added would be just to supplement the experience, as nothing essential needs to be added. With this in mind, it would be great if the developers could add iCloud support, as this would improve the app, but also make everything easier, especially once you considered that there is also a Mac version. iCloud would allow easy syncing, hassle free, so it would be fantastic if this could be added.

OmniGraffle succeeds where other apps don’t. All too often we see apps neglected by developers, as they aren’t updated, meaning that they never see support for the new features or ever improve. However, this isn’t a problem with OmniGraffle, as yet again The Omni Group are providing great support, not just fixing bugs, but improving the app and bringing all the new features that have helped the app to stand out. The developers weren’t amongst the first to support the new iPad, as well as many other new improvements, such as a document browser.

Overall, OmniGraffle is another incredible app from The Omni Group. It has all the features that you could ever need, as well as fantastic developers that keep on improving the app and bringing all of the latest features, such as Retina support. It might cost a lot, but it’s worth the money and I would recommend it to any iPad owner.

Rating: 5/5


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