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OmniGraphSketcher is another app from The Omni Group for the iPad, with a focus on creating beautiful charts and graphs with minimal effort. It’s packed full of features, but is it worth a purchase at the high price point?

In terms of features, you can’t fault this app. It’s got everything you could ever need, suiting both professional and more casual users with a wealth of tools. You can use multitouch to produce some great looking graphs, adding annotations, colour and shading as you go along. It’s also very easy to import data from other apps, just simply by copy and pasting everything in. Once you’ve finished producing something great, you can also send the graph as a PDF, PNG or a JPG, as well as being able to print it or save it to your camera roll.

If you are familiar with any of The Omni Group apps, you’ll find this app incredibly easy to use, with a similar user experience. However, even if you haven’t used any before, you’ll still find this easy to use, as the controls are very simple, and everything is self explanatory. It is made even easier by the inclusion of a help document that shows off the power of the app, while being really short meaning so it doesn’t take long to learn everything. You’ll be up and running producing amazing images within minutes. It’s even quicker than trying to learn how to produce something in Word or something on a PC, while producing something that looks a lot nicer.

At first, the app might seem expensive. However, since it’s got the power of a traditional desktop app, helping to prove that the iPad is a credible post-PC device, it’s great value for money. It’s leading the way in terms of power on the iPad platform, and even with a price that is higher than we are usually used to seeing in the App Store, it’s great value for money. If you’re buying a graph app, it’s likely that you will be creating a lot of graphs in the future, and with the tools and ease of use that this offers, it’s a great way to spend money.

As with all of the developers apps, this one is yet again updated frequently, with the addition of new features as well as bug fixes. This means that the app will always be improving, so you’re buying an investment, that will always be prepared for the future, no matter what features Apple adds, The Omni Group will bring them to this app. This has been seen with the support of the new iPad’s Retina display, as well as other features such as a new document browser. With this updates, the price of the app seems even better value, as the app is always getting better.

As for negatives, there isn’t very many that I could find. It’s already got everything, with the ability to export to other apps and send it via email a great feature. iCloud support could be added, as this would be a great way to work, producing the graphs on iPad and then editing them on your Mac, with the ability to then add them to your presentations or documents. This would make the app even more powerful, and would be a great addition to the app. However, even without it, it’s easy enough to export and move around your graphs.

Overall, this is another incredible app from The Omni Group. It’s powerful and has all the tools needed to create amazing graphs while still being really easy to use. It’s something that I would recommend to anybody who needs to create some graphs.

Rating: 5/5


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