Peggle Review

Again, there are plenty of arcade games in the App Store, but Peggle stands out. PopCap Games add their own personality to the arcade genre, as you gamble a coin down wall filled with pegs, in order to earn tickets. It’s a beautiful iPhone adaption, with fluid touch screen controls pairing straightforward, addicting gameplay with innovated touch screen controls.

Basically the game is the same as Peggle’s counterparts on the DS and the mobile games on other platforms, but with the addition of a few more levels and features. However, Peggle thrives on creating a definitive version of a modern classic which stands out from the crowd. You could say that a few things are missing, but everything has been done to improve the game, including the omissions. The controls are incredibly simple, with innovative touch screen controls. You can’t use the accelerometer to control the game, but this means that the game becomes easier to understand and stays simple.

You get 10 balls that you use to try and remove 100 pegs from the wall. You can use your finger to set the balls trajectory, with the balls fired out from the top and the screen and removing every peg that they hit. However, a click wheel at the top has also been added, where you can set the angle of fire, and then press the fire button in the top right to launch the ball. This means that anybody can play the game, even if you aren’t completely comfortable with the touch screen.

The objective is to destroy the orange pegs, with the blue pegs acting as decoys. After these are removed, you can progress through to the next level. This proves a tough challenge, and the game becomes addictive as you just want to move onto the next level before ending your session. You can go on and on until you reach the end. There is also an extra element, with green pegs activating bonuses, which become more powerful as you progress through the game. This is really fun, as it makes each level different, with different bonuses such as extra balls at the beginning of the game, to the ability to revive a ball if you lose it towards the end.

After first impressions, it could seem like the game is built on chance, with the random positioning of the orange pegs amongst the sea of blue. However, it soon becomes apparent that it takes skill to be able to defeat the game, as it is all based on setting the right trajectory for the ball. The skill comes in being able to use the controlled set of balls to destroy the balls that you target. You also have to use the bonus balls to your advantage, as these give the game a tactical edge, as you have to choose the right time to hit them. With all this in mind, it’s still easy to play and anybody will be able to play it if they put a bit of time into it. Chance still plays a role, but this is part of the charm. The game can seem a bit of a drag if you just play randomly, and set out targets at free, but if you plan ahead, this game is a joy to behold as you just want to reach the end.

The price is really good, and the deep gameplay makes it great value for money. The game can be played it quick bursts, or is fantastic for longer sessions. The addition of trophies for the iPhone also adds value, as fans of the game will want to try and capture every one. Mutliplayer has also been added, as you can duel against your opponent, or move towards special challenge levels after you have completed the campaign.

This game has everything. It’s got incredible charm and personality, with a great take on a classic arcade game. It’s great value for money, as it is addictive and has a wide variety of levels and a selection of gameplay. Once you play, you won’t be able to put it down.

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