Puzzle Agent Review

Puzzle Agent’s developer’s, Telltale, are well known for making games for other people. These include classics such as Tales of Monkey Island and Sam & Max, where Telltale have taken existing franchises and added their own unique spin. All brilliant games, using the point-and-click adventure that works perfectly on the iPhone. However, for the first time, Telltale have added their series to the iPhone, Puzzle Agent. Born out of the success of Professor Layton, it’s very similar, but is also very different with a unique story and interesting art style.

You play as Nelson Tethers, who has been sent to Minnesota in order to reopen a shuttered eraser factory. You must piece together an interesting plot by talking to the local people and solving lots of puzzles using the simple touch-and-click control system. There is a huge variety of puzzles, from math to logic exercises that are challenging, but fun. However, many of them are basic, as you arrange shapes or rotate tiles instead of actually testing your brain. Some of the puzzles are also repeated, which can make the game a bit repetitive. The unique humorous style more than makes up for it though. The game really shines with the logic puzzles, which add a bit of variety. There is one trouble with these though, the difficulty level is all over the place, with a selection of hard puzzles, and then some really easy ones. Many of the puzzles are also impossible to get wrong, so it isn’t really challenging and takes away the suspense. There’s no need to use hints either, which takes away some of the challenge which made Professor Layton so popular.

On the other hand, the unique art style is amazing, with animator Graham Annable, resulting in a game that looks like no other. It makes the game stand out, and adds to the charm. This plays a part in adding to the tension as the plot takes a dark twist.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t support the Retina Display, so the game doesn’t look as good as others. Currently, the graphics are also very fuzzy, with a bug that makes everything appear washed out when something is in motion. The background is also very saturated at times, and distracting. However, the developers have added that this will be fixed soon.

The story is very interesting, and will keep you gripped, and coming back for more, especially when it takes a dark twist. The soundtrack is also very fitting, and adds to the suspense.

Overall, Puzzle Agent is heavily based on Professor Layton, but with a unique art style and gripping storyline it brings enough to the gaming world to stand out on its own merit. However, the puzzles aren’t as good, as they are very repetitive, and many are too easy. On it’s own, it’s still a great game, despite the lack of Retina Display support and the appearance few visual bugs. It’s a must own for every iPhone owner, as it’s fun to play, and you will keep coming back for more. Should the game become a series, the next game, with a few improvements this game could be one of the best of the App Store.

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