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It’s disappointing that Apple doesn’t include a stocks app with the iPad, but this has allowed numerous third party apps to enter the market. StockTouch, which focuses on turning the raw data into a visual masterpiece , is one of them. It is available as a universal app, for both iPad and iPhone. It takes all of the stocks and turns them into market sectors, such as technology, making the stock market entertaining.

In terms of features, it’s got everything that a market tracker will need. It’s got the stocks, the data and links to the latest news concerning the stock. It’s great how this all opens inside the app, rather than having to move to Safari as seen in other apps. The list of features goes on and on, with favourites, adjustable timeframe and graphs all there.

StockTouch is all about presentation, and it’s got it spot on. The visuals are fantastic, with the colours used brilliantly to represent what has happened to each stock. Sometimes, with lots of data in one place, it can be complicated, but not in this. It’s visual design makes everything clear, while still including everything you could need.

Using all of the gestures we are all used to, it’s incredibly easy to use. With the simple design, you can get to what you want within a matter of seconds. While it might seem confusing at first, you’ll soon be swiping, pinching and zooming to get to each stock without even thinking about it. I even found myself using the same gestures when I checked the Apple Stocks app for a second.

While it might seem expensive compared to that usual prices we are used to seeing in the App Store, it’s still incredibly good value for money. Comparable to the price of a cup of coffee, it’s also incredibly good value, especially considering it is the best stock market app currently available in the App Store. As it’s also universal, it seems even better value for money. In addition, as you turn to the app everyday, in order to check the stock market, you’ll begin to realise what a worthwhile purchase it is.

It’s also nice to see that the developers seem to be keen to improve the app. It’s already really good, but in the past they have always been wiling to improve and add to the experience. Just like a stock, this purchase could begin to turn into an investment, as it gets better and better with each update.

The experience might already be fantastic, but there are just a few things that could make it better.  Being able to swipe to the new company, while in the individual view would be brilliant. This would enable you to move from company to company quickly and easy. I’m surprised it’s not already there. There is also a small problem with the market indices, which when enabled cover a small portion of the screen, covering up the data. While this can be turned on and off, it would be great to see this incorporated in a way that would keep it out of the way. Additional support for global stocks, such as the UK’s FTSE would also be amazing. Finally, I’d love to see a Mac version. This is the best stock app that I’ve used, and it would be amazing to see it make the move to the Mac App Store.

Overall, this app is nothing short of amazing. It’s taken something that can be quite boring and made it fun to read. It’s easy to see why Apple frequently recommend it, with it recently part of the Top Finance Apps of the Year in iTunes Rewind 2011, as it really is stunning. Finding this app is like finding the stock that just keeps on rising and rising, I’d throughly recommend it.

Rating: 5/5


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