The CIA World Factbook

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If you need a reliable source to find out something about a country or region, the CIA World Factbook is a great place to head to. It’s filled with lots of information, from the history of countries to the levels of electricity production in each of them. Now, the database has come to iPad and iPhone, in the “CIA World Factbook” from “realazy”.

Navigating the website on the iPad or iPhone isn’t the best of experiences, and thankfully, this is the perfect solution.  On the iPad, the UI is perfect.  When holding the iPad horizontal, you get a navigation menu on the left hand side, with the information shown on the right.  This is a great way to view the information, and makes navigation quick and easy. Switch to portrait and you just get the information, creating a great browsing experience, with the menus appearing in a pop-up box. On the the smaller iPhone screen, the developers have done a wonderful job.  Again, it’s simple to use, with navigation leading to the information.  I thought the full screen view (removing the navigation bar and menus) was a great idea. On both devices it doesn’t take too long to find what you need, and it’s not frustrating at all.

In terms of content, just like the website, it’s got everything you could ever need. The amount of facts on offer is simply breathtaking, and it’s nice that you can also get additional things such as pictures and maps. I find that it’s really good just to be able to browse the database, finding out lots of new information. There is plenty of things to learn, including things that could be useful, down to other tidbits that are just great to know, like how the the United States has 15,079 airports.

When compared to similar apps, this is definitely the best. I’ve found the other apps that offer the CIA World Factbook to be cumbersome and difficult to use. Instead, realazy’s design is simple, which is really effective, and in keeping with Apple’s design philosophies. At the same time, I’ve had problems with loading times in other apps, but this loads quickly and efficiently. This app might cost a tiny bit more, but it’s worth it, as it’s much more of a pleasure to use.

I find it great that the app contains all of the data built in, meaning that you can use it without a data connection. This makes it the perfect choice for students, who need to access the data on the go. The data is updated once every 2 months, which is fine, as most of the data supplied in the database are annual anyway.

If there was a few things that need to be improved, I would say it would be integration with other apps.  This could include saving the information to “Instapaper”, to better printer support by adding apps such as “Printer Pro”.

Overall, it’s a great app, and it’s the best way to browse the CIA World Factbook on the iPad. The browsing experience is fantastic, and it’s full of great content. It would be nice to see additional support for other apps and the app is quite expensive. Even so, it’s worth a purchase.

Rating: 5/5


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