The Official Ferrari Opus for iPad

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Opus books are always absolutely amazing, full of information, with beautiful design and certainly one of the best things to own if you are a fan of the topic, offering a deep look into the Ferrari archive. Yet, they are very expensive, with the Ferrari version costing between £2,000 and £20,000 depending on the version you choose, taking it out of reach of most people. At the same time, Opus have released a version for the iPad, instead retailing at a relatively cheap £5.49/$7.99.

You simply can’t fault the content, with the full version of the Opus completely recreated on the iPad. At over 450 pages, it covers everything about Ferrari. In terms of information, it’s the definitive source. Everything you would ever need to know about Ferrari is included, with even the most hardcore Ferrari fan able to learn something. The app boasts more than 1,000 unique photographs, including rare or previously unpublished ones. It’s simply stunning being able to go through them all, with each one in high resolution, enabling you to zoom in and out, exploring the detail. It works amazingly on the iPad’s big screen. Videos are also included, covering a lot of Ferrari’s history. With the amount of content on offer, minutes turn into hours.

The app is really easy to use, with navigation a breeze. It’s easy to access the parts of the book you want, and to move from page to page, selecting the content you want. It’s very effortless, with everything a few touches or flicks away. Anybody will be able to use the app easily, since it uses the traditional methods that we are all used too.

If there was one negative, it’s that you can never truly go full screen, with a border around the edge even when you are browsing through the app. This distracts from the experience, especially in portrait mode, with the pages appearing very small, as you have to zoom into each, one at a time in order to read them. It would be much nicer if you could browse the book just like you would read a book in iBooks.

While the price might seem high for an app, it’s fantastic value for money once you consider the insight into Ferrari that the app gives. You’re getting the exact same content included in the real Opus, yet for a lot less more. It’s incredible. For any Ferrari fan, it’s a must have. With the interactivity on offer, it’s a great example of what iPad apps should be like. In reality, it’s worth a lot more than the price tag, offering a lot more than most iPad apps.

Overall, if you love Ferrari, this is the only app you will ever need. An exact replica of the Opus itself, it’s amazing to think you can get all of the same information, the same beautiful design and the same breathtaking photos at a much lower cost. It would be nice to see more of the high quality Opus books turned into apps, as they are simply breathtaking to use and read.

Rating: 5/5


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