Wireless Keyboard Review

Apple introduced a new keyboard for the Unibody iMac’s and a wireless bluetooth version shortly followed. The design is fantastic, blending in with your existing setup and the product works as described. However, the product might be hard for some people to user, due to the shallow design and the small keys.

The design is modern and clean, with the signature Apple aluminium meaning it will blend in with your existing setup, such as the Unibody Macbook Pro’s. The entire keyboard is very thin, apart from the battery compartment which serves to keep the keyboard at a comfortable typing angle. However, since it isn’t possible to change this angle, it can become uncomfortable in long use if you aren’t sitting right in front of the keyboard, with the keyboard level to your arms. The keys are also small, which means it could be hard to use with big fingers.

The keys have a shorter height to some keyboards, which means that some users might find it hard to use. However, the key presses still feel solid and responsive, but it can be quite noisy to use the keyboard if you are used to other keyboards, as you are used to pressing down harder. It is very durable and feels like a solid product, mainly in part due to the aluminium construction. There is little lag between pressing the keys, and the reaction taking place on screen.

The size and key layout is very similar to the current Macbook Pro’s keyboard, which means it is very easy to get used to using the Apple Wireless Keyboard. The design is slightly different, with white keys and a plastic back. There are 4 rubber ‘feet’ which means that the keyboard doesn’t move around and won’t mark the surface it is placed on.

It is very simple to pair the keyboard, as you just follow the steps given in the user guide, which is very quick and simple. As usual, it just works, as long as you have the latest software installed. This means it is hassle free and a joy to use. The keyboard uses batteries to power it, and these are used up quite quickly, within 3 months when in use of a few hours per day. This can become quite expensive, so it might be sensible to purchase the Apple Battery Charger, which is expensive, but will ultimately save you money over time.

The keyboard also has various function keys, such as quick links to the Dashboard, and Media Keys for applications such as iTunes. These work really well, and offer a quick way to use a program. On the other hand, these don’t work in Windows, but Mac uses will find them brilliant and a time saver.

Overall, the keyboard is near perfect, as it works as described and has a clean modern design. It’s easy to use, and has suitable feedback, but some users might find it hard to use with the small keys and fixed angle. However, it does ‘eat’ batteries, which means it might be quite expensive to run.

Apple Wireless Keyboard – GBR

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